Thursday , 5 March 2015

Twitter’s Vine App Hits the #1 Free App on iOS AppStore

Just six months after Twitter acquired the Vine App, It hits #1 free app on the iOS AppStore. In fact the announcement was made on the day the app went live in the AppStore. Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov in June 2012. Colin Kroll Join Vine in July of 2012.

Co-Founder of Vine Rus Yusupoy broke the news on Twitter:


Vine is a mobile app that enables users to create a post a short video with the maximum length of six seconds. It can be shared by a variety of social networking services including Twitter and Facebook.

Vine is currently only available on iOS devices. However, Twitter announced they are working on supporting other platforms. There are currently no official news on a possible release date.

Vine is now being support by one of Twitter’s most popular iOS clients. TweetBot supports in-line video clips.

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