Justin Timberlake’s Big Comeback: The 20/20 Experience – Worth the Listen?

This is a post about my thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s new album, ‘The 20/20 Experience”, and is the first half of a two post topic centered around Justin Timberlake’s entrepreneurial attempts this year. To read my impressions on the New Myspace, click here.


Many of you have probably heard of Justin Timberlake’s much awaited return to music in his announcement of working on a new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’. His announcement was strategically placed with the public release of the revamped Myspace website. In case you didn’t know, Justin Timberlake has a stake in the once-mainstream social network. I think Timberlake had tried pulling off two enterprising acts with both these releases, and I want to share my thoughts on how each act is faring. This post addresses the album, a following one will address the social network.

’20/20′ is a strong comeback for Justin Timberlake into music, given a 7 year hiatus from record releasing. (To give you perspective, his last album was Future Sex/Love Sounds – doesn’t that make you feel old?) It is simply given that Timberlake is a talented and hard working artist, and does not in anyway come off rusty or out of shape in this album. To add to the mix, he has paired up with his old-time producer Timbaland to bring out the record, which is apparent if you’ve listened to any Timberlake from the last decade, but also was able to pair up with rap superstar on his first hit from this album, “Suit & Tie”.

In a time when songs are getting shorter, JT exercises discipline in maintaining the flow throughout it’s longer tracks. It is important to note that while this album is more of the same (in that case, a good thing), there are two ways that this album stands unique from the last one. First, this album is the first half of a double album – the second half of which is coming out fall of this year. Another unique aspect is that this album sports tracks that run an average of about 6.5 – 7 minutes each. In a time and place where songs are getting shorter and ‘radio-friendly’, JT exercises a discipline in maintaining the flow throughout it’s longer tracks. I am a fan of this move, and come off feeling more satisfied with listening to the album than many others out there.

If you enjoyed classic Timberlake, and missed the sensation, 20/20 will not disappoint. But if you care, you probably already know that, given the albums been out for over a month.

My verdict:

It’s a strong collection, almost nostalgic, but refreshingly different and with a added sense of maturity enough for newcomers and old fans alike to enjoy Timberlake. I’m looking forward to Part 2 this year.

Must-listen tracks:

– Mirrors
– Pusher Love Girl

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