Introducing Goopply – We’ve Finally Launched!

We’re so glad you could make it! If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re pretty new to this. And we’re all ears. If you think there’s an interesting topic we can write about, put up a video or have a Live Google Hangout on Air, let us know through the Contact Us page!

You’re more than welcome to check out and get to know our team members on our About Us page. I can personally vouch for each one of them as passionate, driven and hard working folks who made Goopply possible. I highly recommend connecting with them on your favorite social networks – you’ll find links to them on the same page!

Also, we are actively looking for interested podcasters, writers, photographers, vloggers and more folks to jump aboard with us! We are proud to be an international team being so tiny, and we hope to include some interesting and great folks around the world to enhance the experience at Goopply. If you’re interested, let us know through the Join Our Team page!

Also, last but not least, we are on the social networks that most people enjoy – so don’t forget to connect with us so you can stay posted and offer your thoughts and be a part of conversations we’re having!

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Again, we’re glad you’re here. Let us know your thoughts and your first impressions in your comments below. We want to promote and encourage discussion as a part of the Goopply experience!

Roshan John

Roshan rhymes with ocean. Third culture kid and an avid social networker with a passion for the web, journalism & learning.

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Goopply is a community news website dedicated to social media, technology, culture & more. Goopply was co-founded in 2012 by Matthew Evans and Roshan John who wanted to make a change in the news was reported.

Our ultimate goal is to engage people who are passionate about technology, social media, business, and startups by offering our personal and unbiased take on the latest trends and events in the field while striving to enlist the most interesting and collaborative people onto our team from our communities.