Twitter Music: This App makes Discovering Music Fun All Over Again


Twitter has been doing a lot of different stuff stuff in the past year. From the notorious decline of support for third party developers, which I am strongly against, to acquiring Vine, a fun micro-video sharing app, here is Twitter’s latest stunt: Twitter music. So how does it fare? Personally, I think it makes discovering music fun all over again, reigniting the process of enjoying and digging into new music.

Just as a precaution – sorry Android users, but like Vine, it is as of now exclusive to the other major platform. (I know, it stinks, but hang in there.) So whats the point of this app? Here is an excerpt from twitter’s blog post about the app:

[quote style=”1″]Today, we’re releasing Twitter #music, a new service that will change the way people find music, based on Twitter. It uses Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement, to detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists. It also brings artists’ music-related Twitter activity front and center: go to their profiles to see which music artists they follow and listen to songs by those artists. And, of course, you can tweet songs right from the app.[/quote]

How do I like it after using it for a couple of weeks? Well, I’m a fan. As an app geared towards music discovery it’s pretty straight forward. It has its own version on the top hits right now, decided by what the twitter population is listening to, which isn’t much different from the mainstream. The app also features an ‘Emerging’ section that allows you to check out the latest up and coming indie artists as well. Smart idea of twitter to do so, as they are able to court this app to both the traditional and the slowly democratizing dynamic of music discovery.

The app also features a “now playing” category, which is geared to help find what those who you’re following are listening to. I think this would have been a pretty interesting feature to use, unfortunately on my twitter follow list, there was just one person taking advantage of the ability to do so. And how does one take advantage of it? All you have to do is tweet directly from the app with the info of the song you’re listening to at the moment, and it will automatically add the #NowPlaying tag, allowing it to be listed in this category!

What I found was interesting was that twitter music was able to win support of the integration with spotify, rdio and your music library. This allows for a real treat for music lovers – being able to listen to songs from artists you are discovering right at the moment, using one of these options right from within the app. This is a big deal to me because this adds more value to having a premium subscription with spotify, while finding the app enjoyable on its own.

My verdict: If you have either Rdio or Spotify, you owe it to yourself to try the app out. It’s free, smart, and integrated with what you already use to listen to music. You’ll enjoy discovering music you may have not found otherwise!

Roshan John

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