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iA Writer

Writing – it’s an ordeal to some, a pleasure to others. I’m definitely in the latter camp. As you’ll see, I’ll be writing on here a lot, so it’s obvious I enjoy the art of writing. If you write a lot like I do, it helps to enjoy what you use to write with as well. For that purpose, no, I don’t use word processors like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. I have been using another app instead to do the job, a cheaper, simpler, cleaner one. This app is iA Writer.

Made by Tokyo and Zurich based design agency Information Architects, this app is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. There are some neat things to like about this app, right off the top. Now, to be fair, I didn’t go on a shopping spree when it comes to writing apps, but when I looked around and decided on one, this seemed like the best choice among the paid options. I’ve found some reasons to fall in love and stay in love with it, that will hopefully convince you to at least take a look into it.

iCloud and Dropbox integration:
Writer comes built in with the ability to automatically sync with and backup your notes to either iCloud and/or Dropbox. Even if you accidentally close the app, or the power dies on your device, your writing are saved, safe in your preferred storage space! This is immensely helpful, and makes buying the app on both iOS and Mac platforms well worth the investment. By default, it likes to wire your notes into iCloud, but you can ask to save within Dropbox at the first save attempt for every file.

Focus Mode:
[pullquote align=”left”] Focus: I always write my initial drafts in this mode.[/pullquote] The app includes a unique “Focus Mode”, which allows for the writer to focus in on the current sentence they are working on and not get distracted by the material composed so far, or enamored by what’s yet left to complete. It does this by always placing the current sentence and cursor in the center of the screen at all times, letting the sentence just bubble up and keep your eyes on your next work, allowing for an easy flow of thought while composing a written post. I always write my initial drafts in this mode, and would recommend you try doing the same for better written results!

Reading Time:
[pullquote align=”right”]’Reading Time’ – an estimate for the time it would take to read what you’ve written so far[/pullquote] Most note taking apps give you a count of words and characters as you type. iA Writer provides these for you, but also in addition, another unique feature you get is ‘Reading Time’ – an estimate for the time it would take to read what you’ve written so far! As a blogger, this is a great tool that allows me to gear my articles to be a good size for online readers, not leaning towards being too short or long. If you’re an online writer, you need to have this app in your arsenal for this reason alone. (Shameless plug: If you don’t already write and dig technology, consider writing for Goopply!)

These are some of the stand-out features that make iA Writer a fantastic app for all your writing purposes. If you would like to offer your suggestions for great writing apps and why you love them, please let us know in the comments below, I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts!

Roshan John

Roshan rhymes with ocean. Third culture kid and an avid social networker with a passion for the web, journalism & learning.

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