Fox Confirms the Return of “24” with 12 New Episodes


FOX Network has announced the return of the popular cancelled television show “24”.  The show, which premiered on November 6, 2001 quickly rose to popularity, with each episode being based off of one hour in real time and leaving a cliffhanger at the end of each episode.  FOX announced that after eight seasons of the show, that number eight would be the last season. The show’s last airing was on May 24th 2010. However, many fans who were hoping for a return of the show were sure to be excited today, when FOX announced it was interested in bringing the show back to ‘Live Another Day’.

In today’s announcement FOX said the character Jack Bauer will be making a comeback. However, FOX made no announcement on who else may return to the show, including Mary Lynn Rajskub, who began the show in Season three and play the roll of Bauer’s aissiant Chloe O’Brian.  But that didn’t stop fans asking her on Twitter if she would be returning.


FOX President Kevin Reilly said the limited series will be compressed over 12 weeks and will be presented in chronological order, but will skip hours unlike past seasons. 24: “Live Another Day” will air in May 2014 with 12 new episodes. Keith Sutherland, who played the lead character Jack Bauer, hasn’t said anything about returning to the show.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the TV show and am really glad FOX reached a agreement to bring it back. I do hope they bring back some of the other cast members such as the above-mentioned Mary Lynn Rajskub, who did an excellent job with her role. I am sure to miss the show, and as much as I was hoping for a movie spinoff, I believe this was a good move for FOX to appease us fans!

Any other huge fans of 24 excited about this move? Let me know!

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