Tim Cook at D11: The Talking Points of the Apple CEO’s Latest Interview

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If you’re tuned into the tech world or are an Apple fanboy, you’ll probably have heard that Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at the D11 conference to talk about the state of Apple and help answer many (but not all) questions regarding Apple and the future of the company. It’s quite interesting to pick through the interview and observe what Cook did and didn’t say. Let’s discuss about some of the most important talking points on the interview.

One question that was asked of Cook was whether Apple has lost their “cool” factor. To this, Cook said “Absolutely not”, highlighting specifically the momentum of the iPad, and statistics that indicate the heavy use of iOS in the area of mobile commerce and web traffic. Cook also hinted a couple of potential game changers, like a possible take on television and wearables, are in for Apple, but was very vague in most of his answers.  I expected Cook to be classic Apple and not give any details on new products, but he did announce that Apple will be presenting the new iteration of iOS and Mac OS with Jony Ive’s take on it at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10th. Many people, like me, are hoping for a redesign of the iOS user interface, but I’m looking forward to a possible overhall altogether as is heavily rumored.


Why doesn’t Apple make more iPhone models?

As you heard, Tim Cook hasn’t ruled out releasing more than one phone in the same product cycle. Personally, I really hope Apple sticks to the patten of only releasing one iPhone each year. The iPhone 5, the single phone which was released a last year didn’t come with lots of bells and whistles and I would rather see Apple only work and focus their best efforts on one iPhone each year as to not spread themselves too thin and instead craft the iPhone with more new features. But what do you think of this potential switch in product strategy?


Is Apple Becoming More Open?

As Android grows in great popularity, the big question is whether the open system model, where third parties gain deeper access to the different API’s of the device, is something Apple would consider for iOS. Tim Cook didn’t really answer this question in much detail. However, unlike this sentiment shared by more than a few folks, I do like how Apple controls more of the iPhone experience, instead of giving third party apps control and potentially putting the user at a higher security risk or the risk of a subpar user experience. For the short time when I owned an Android device, I applied several customizations to the lock screen and was changing the keyboards quite a bit. I found that the more I did this, my phone would run slower and freeze up more often over time. Given all that, I still would like to see iOS open up a little more, without having to give up control to the core user experience, which Cook said they were working to do in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how this manifests in the next iterations of iOS.


Watch the Entire Interview

If you haven’t gotten a chance to already, here’s your chance to catch the whole interview if you’re hungry for more information! Share us your thoughts on the interview below!


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