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The Features I Really Want Added in iOS 7

By now you probably have read the thoughts of everyone in the world about iOS 7: they either mostly love it or hate it. At the time I’m writing this its only been out for a few weeks. Lets not forget its a beta and, passing complete judgement is a silly move to make. That being said, I have noticed a few things that I hope get implemented before the next few releases, in no particular order.

Third party app integration in notification center and control center

When you swipe down from the top of your screen you pull down the all new notification center, which includes the forecast for the day and any activities you have, those activities seem limited to stock apps, reminders, and your calendar. While both have received amazing updates, many people, myself included, live by their third party counterparts. It would be great if my to-do list in the Things app or my Fantastical events showed up in there. I’d really like to think its something that will be incorporated soon.

Control Center Customization

A new addition to iOS 7 is a feature called Control Center, which can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. It includes quick access to Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DND, orientation lock, brightness, iTunes control, Airdrop and Airplay. The bottom of it looks much like the dock on your home screen. It also has a flashlight, alarm clock, calculator and camera access. This is a fantastic feature. Before this, I had the app Launch Center Pro in my dock mainly because of the flashlight feature it has in it.

New Wallpapers

Don’t get me wrong – I really like the dynamic wallpapers in iOS 7. But the old stock wallpapers? Does anyone really use the Tiki guy or pink camo wallpaper? And some of the other patterns are just as bad for me. I think the original iPhone’s clownfish wallpaper would be cool to have back as an option, and I’m sure they will add more dynamic wallpapers in the final release. But I’m crossing my fingers for new static ones as well.

So these are my hopes and dreams for the final release of iOS 7. What do you think of it so far if you’ve tried it, and what would you like to see on it that iOS doesn’t have yet?


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