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Beats Music is killing the Marketplace with their new Music Streaming Service

If you know me personally then you know I’m a huge music fan. While I don’t attend a lot of concerts anymore, I do listen to music about 6 hours everyday. I own a pair of Beats Solo Headphones and I’m thinking about upgrading to the Beats Studio headphones soon.

So when I heard that Beats launched a new streaming service, I jumped on the chance to try out the service. I was recently a huge fan of the Rdio Music Service and posted a review of my experience and how it compared to Spotify.

My first impressions of Beats Music were astonishing. The race is on and has taken off with Beats Music in the lead. Beats Music is not a free music service and for good reason they are definitely a premium music service. Beats is changing the way users listen to music and that has been proven with their Beats headphones. Beats Music has a huge library and most likely one of the larges in the market.


Beats Music offered a service in which offers personalized music recommendations for you based on your “Likes” and “Dislikes”. Like other music services, if you don’t like a song you click the Dislike button and if you like it click the Like button. However, I noticed that the songs Bests. “Just For You” is simple as it said and an always changing screen with new music.


Beats Music - The Sentence At Work

This is one of my favorite parts of the app.  Bests offer you to complete a sentence for the type of mood your in and then choses songs to fit that mood. For example say your at work and want some appropriate music for the work place.

The Sentence is very similar to Songza music service. However, Beats Music has more options, an easier interface and better selections of songs. I was a big fan of Songza when it came out but liked the option to choice my own playlist which Songza doesn’t allow.


Beats Music - Just For You Beats Music - The Sentence  Beats Music - The Sentence Share Song

Beats Music has a very simple and clean design. It has a fresh look for iOS 7 users. Beats Music is available in the AppleStore, Google Play store and Windows Phone marketplace. It’s available on all U.S. mobile networks and carriers.


  • Beats Music works on the iPad but it’s not a native app.
  • Beats Music also doesn’t offer a free service like Rdio and Spotify.
  • Currently there is no way to transfer your playlist from Rdio, Spoity, or Google Music.
  • There is no Mac App however they do offer a web interface at


Beats Music has replaced Rdio and is now my primary streaming service but After a recent update on January 26th, I encountered a huge drain on my Battery for my iPhone 5S. I reached out to Beats Music Support Team and they acknowledged that it is a known issue saying “Our IT team is working diligently to correct this issue. We will let all of our listeners know when the issue is solved.” Since I was in the middle of my free trail Beats Music has given me a week extra for free. I’m very happy with Beats Music support team. They are always there to help.

You can reach out to them on Twitter @BeatMusicHelp or via email at support(at)

I did recently canceled Rdio Music Subscription and it has been replaced my Beats Music.

Beats Music is available in the AppleStore, Google Play store and Windows Phone marketplace. It’s available on all U.S. mobile networks and carriers. If you are an AT&T you can get up to five accounts for $14.99/monthly. Other users $9.99/monthly. Beats Music does offer a 7 day free trail to all users. If you signed up during the first week you also received an extra 10 days due to the technical issues.

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