What’s On Matt’s iPad 4?

I use my iPad almost daily for work and personal use. I hate always having to pull out my MacBook if I need to take notes. A couple weeks ago I show you all What’s On My iPhone 5S and now I’m gonna do the same thing for my iPad 4.

Lets get into it.

Unlike my iPhone I don’t like folders on my main screen of my iPad, because I can have more apps on the main screen due to the size.

Facebook – I don’t use Facebook much on either my iPhone or iPad but when I do browse the Social Networking site I often do it on my iPad.

Tweetbot – While Tweetbot 3 has been released for the iPad yet. I don’t find myself using Tweetbot 2 much anymore. When Tweetbot 3 is released I will more then likley go back to reading tweets on my iPad.

Felix – This is my main app I use for app.Net. While I don’t post on the site very often, I still find myself browsing to see what others are talking about on the service.

Google+ – Again another social media service that I use on my iPad but not much on my iPhone.

Wunderlist – This is a new app for me while it’s been out on the market for a while, I have began testing it out. I like that it’s available on both iOS, Mac and Android.

Built-in Camera – I don’t take pictures with my iPad and not sure why this is on my home screen. Note to self, move this app to another page or folder.

Photos – I will find myself reviewing photos on my iPad from iCloud from time to time.

Hangouts – I use Google Hangouts more then Skype, so I recently removed Skype from the home screen.

FaceTime – Still a large number of my friends use iOS devices, so I still use FaceTime whenever possible.

Yahoo! Weather – Still one of my favorite apps and love that it’s available on both iOS and Android. I love the design.

Simple Note – When every I take notes I don’t use a notebook anymore. When I use my iPad, I put them into SimpleNote. It works on both Mac, iOS, and Android. I also carry a Apple Keybaord with me so it’s easier to use.

AnyList – While I don’t use my iPad while I’m grocery shopping for security reasons, I do find this helpful at home when I finding things I need to buy.

Day One – This is one of those apps I use often on all my device and I find myself just writing about my day.

Chronicle – Again, this is on my iPad, iPhone and MacBook and I use it to manage my bills. Very well design app on all platforms.

1Password – Very useful app when I need to look up passwords. All my passwords are stored in this app and it’s guarded my a very strong password.

AppStore – I often find myself browsing the appStore for new apps.

YouTube – Watching Vlogs – Oh and a reminder that Vlogger Fair is coming up soon. Go to VloggerFair.com for more information.

Netflix – Since I have ditched my cable service, Netflix is one of my most use apps on my iPad.

Hulu – Doesn’t get use as much as Netflix but general to catch up on TV Shows.

On My Dock:

Built-in Calendar – Like on my iPhone I like the built in calendar.

Messages – I like that I’m able to send messages on my iPad.

Built-In Mail – To send and receive email.

Chrome – Like on my iPhone, Chrome is my favorite web browser.

Beats Music – While Beats doesn’t have an native iPad app, the iPhone still works on the iPad.

Google Maps – I like to use Google Maps to look up and check address before hitting the road.

As for cases use a Incipio Shell Case on the back and an Apple Smart Cover on the front.

Matthew Evans

Matthew co-founded Goopply in 2013 and is the Executive Editor. Matthew handles all day to day operations and writes about technology such as Apple, Mobile Devices and Apps. Matthew is a blogger, developer and a former Radio Broadcaster. In his spare time Matthew enjoys hiking, baseball and taking pictures.

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