Dropcam and my initial thoughts

I recently purchase a Dropcam to install in my home. I’ve used other other wireless cameras, and I heard both good and bad reviews on the Dropcam. So I decided to take the chance and I am very impressed with it.

First, I was really impressed with the setup process. I imagined a long setup process but to my surprise my Dropcam was up and running within 60 seconds. This is one of the key selling points in my book. It’s also very simple to install, and can sit on a desk or be mounted on a wall. It also comes with a fairly long USB cord.

I wanted a Dropcam for many reasons. I have a puppy name Charlie and while I’m away at work, I would like to see what he is doing. Recently the fire alarm was going off in my condo unit and I was worried about Charlie, so I activated the microphone and told him everything will be okay and I was on my way. Of course he was still worried as the screaming noise was going off until the Fire Department arrived, but I feel like it gave him a sense that I was there. I made it home just after the Fire Department was leaving, as it was a false alarm. But it helped me know that he was okay.

Dropcam is far from a security camera and I don’t really think they sell themselves as one. After all you can simply unplug the camera from the wall and the Dropcam is disconnected and no longer recording.

However, Dropcam has been useful to users as a security camera caught several breaks-ins on camera:

Dropcam also played a useful part in a car accident. Thankfully nobody was hurt in this accident.

Cloud Recording

I was impressed with the Cloud Recording system but not the price. The service is $9.95 a month for 7 days of archived or $29.95 a month for 30 days of achieve per camera installed. There is a $5 discount for each other camera you install. But to me this seems kinda pricey. Especially since the units are pricey too INSERT UNIT PRICE HERE. I believe the Cloud Recording would be a better sell if the price of the dropcam hardware was cheaper. However, if you want to try it out it comes with a 14 day free trial for new Dropcam users.

I currently don’t subscribe to the Cloud Recording. Primarily due to the fact my current dropcam is used to view my kennel. I will however subscribe to a camera I want to install that would see my entry points.

Dropcam vs. Dropcam Pro

Dropcam Vs. Dropcam Pro

There are two different models of cameras. The Dropcam and the Dropcam Pro. I bought the Dropcam as it had the cheaper price tag and I didn’t see enough different features to justify spending another $50. I plan on doing a review of the Dropcam vs Dropcam Pro in the near future.

The Good:

  • Dropcam is easy to install and has a simple setup process.
  • It offers a great Cloud Recording system.
  • Great technical support.
  • Very clear video quality.
  • Free & easy to use apps for both iOS and Android. Also, great web interface.

The Bad:

  • It’s not a security system and can be defeated easily.
  • If your internet provider goes out then your camera goes out.
  • Must be used inside, however there is third party’s which design cases.

Final thoughts

Overall, I happy with my purchase of my Dropcam and I plan on purchasing at least one more. I would like to install two more camera.

Matthew Evans

Matthew co-founded Goopply in 2013 and is the Executive Editor. Matthew handles all day to day operations and writes about technology such as Apple, Mobile Devices and Apps. Matthew is a blogger, developer and a former Radio Broadcaster. In his spare time Matthew enjoys hiking, baseball and taking pictures.

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