Thirty Day’s Of Summer: 72 Hours With Android

As part of a new series called Thirty Days Of Summer, I was challenged by my colleague, Roy, to try out the Android platform for 30 Days, as I own a Nexus 5 for development purposes. On Friday at Midnight I began my journey which began by picking up a micro sim card from the T-Mobile store (which was free by the way). I was expecting to pay $10 dollars. So I setup my Nexus device and began getting it all setup and once the setup process was complete I began preparing for the switch. I turned off my iMessage from my iPhone to prevent a bug which prevents messages to go iMessage from iPhone users.

Ready Right?

I popped that sim card into my phone and I was up and running, well kinda. After an hour I discovered text messages from iPhone users were still going to my iMessage account. What? I did everything Apple said to do. So I contacted Apple Care and explained the situation and she said no problem, lets remove the number from the iMessage server. After giving her the number, she said the that number isn’t registered to iMessage. She then went through some basic troubleshooting, which was to delete my conversation thread, contact profile and restart the phone then re-add the contact.  I confirmed the messages were still going to iMessage, because they were showing up in Messages on my MacBook Pro. As one ditch effort before moving me up to a senior support advisor she had a complete the troubleshooting steps again. So I did and to my surprise it worked. My phone was now receiving messages from my iPhone. Now I just had to some way communicate this to my friends and family with iPhones, which is about 85 percent of people in my contacts. Needless to say it wasn’t an easy transition as I through.

So after going to lunch I was off to work and the day went on… Opts! Warning message appeared after an hour of being at work. It was warning me I only had 14 % battery life left. After checking out a few settings I discovered my screen setting was pretty high so I lowered the bar and put the phone on the charger for a hour and half. Before changing the settings it was taking up 36% of my battery. Needless to say I was able to make it through my first day with that extra charge. Day 1 was in the book and I was off to bed.

My second day was better and I was able to make it through the day with somewhat good battery life. I was also able to communicate with my friends, family and co-workers without any iMessage problems. But after 1 day of Android I won’t lie I missed my iPhone. I almost threw in the towel but decided to stick with it.

My experience with Android is getting better and I’m beginning to get more use to the keyboard. I’m slowly discovering more and more that I like about Android and I will be very interested to see how I feel about the platform at the end of the thirty days.

Once I pass 15 day’s of Android I will posted another update. Meanwhile following me (and use #30daysofandroid and #androidchallenge) on Twitter and share your thoughts and tips.

Matthew Evans

Matthew co-founded Goopply in 2013 and is the Executive Editor. Matthew handles all day to day operations and writes about technology such as Apple, Mobile Devices and Apps. Matthew is a blogger, developer and a former Radio Broadcaster. In his spare time Matthew enjoys hiking, baseball and taking pictures.

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