Five Months with my iPhone 6 Plus

I’ve been using my iPhone 6 Plus almost 5 months. I’ve wanted to share my experience and explain why I chose the iPhone 6 Plus over the iPhone 6.

I’ve been an iPhone user for years, and while I own an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, I still believe very much in other platforms such as Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Apple wouldn’t be the company that it is today without competition. However, this article isn’t a debate about platforms, to that extent, I want to share my experience with the iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

This was a very hard choice for me. I was upgrading from an iPhone 5S, which I had been using for a year, and before that I was using the iPhone 5. I was super excited when iPhone 5 launched with the 4 inch screen because I was able to use it with one hand and still have a good user experience.

However, when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out I was still worried because I had a Nexus 5, which has a smaller screen then the iPhone 6 Plus. I had issues texting with my Nexus 5, when my hand would brush the corner of the screen and as a result would cause me to push other buttons. I was scared that I would have this issue with the bigger iPhone. So while I was deciding what model I should get, I finally said “Matt, Go Big or Go Home”. From day one, the larger screen was nothing but impressive, and I’m even able to use it with one hand since I have larger hands, but if you have smaller hands, it could be harder for you to use.

Many people who I know have gone into an Apple Store, looked at the sizes of the phone and have said “the iPhone 6 Plus is simply just to big for my hands”, and I think they’re right. I don’t think the bigger iPhone was intended for everyone, and even though I do have bigger hands, using the bigger display was an adjustment for me. I often still find it to be challenging to use at times, though now I could just never go back.


One of the major updates in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the camera and I couldn’t be happier with the upgraded camera. The iPhone 6 Plus takes amazing photos. You could spend a lot of money on a nice camera but why when you can use your iPhone. I love the idea of always having a great, reliable camera with me so I’m always ready to take pictures. You never know when you might find a great shot.

There isn’t much difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of the cameras, except that the Plus has optical image stabilization. I do like this feature and have used it often as I take video. It’s just another great way to take amazing videos with your iPhone.

Oh, by the way, the picture below was taken with my iPhone 6 Plus, and as you can see it’s an amazing picture.

Seattle Fire Boat Leschi Taken from Seattle Washington
Seattle Fire Boat Leschi Taken from Seattle Washington


A bigger phone means a bigger Battery. I don’t own an iPhone 6 so I can’t compare the difference in battery use, however I’ve been told by many users that the battery will last longer and better in the iPhone 6 Plus, and it simply should as it features a bigger battery. I will compare it to my iPhone 5S which simply had to charge at least once during the day to make it completely through the day. I use my iPhone 6 Plus all day long maybe even longer than I would use my iPhone 5S and by the end of my day I’m down to about 30%. I also don’t find myself using my extra chargers during the day.

Apple Pay

This is a feature that I haven’t been able to try. My bank is a local bank and hasn’t announced support for Apple Pay yet. But I have been told that they are working with Apple to support this service and I will take full advantage of it when it’s available.

iOS 8

iOS 7 was a big change for Apple’s operating system, and I’ve enjoyed the improvements in iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 Plus. However, shortly after its release, they pulled support for their HealthKit app due to bugs  or compatibility issues. One update that released for the iPhone 6 Plus made it unable to connect cell towers, though I didn’t experience this one personally. Apple did pull the update and investigated it, and a fix was released for affected users.

Either way iOS 8 has been great. I love how Apple is integrating it with the Mac and iPad. One of my favorite features of iOS 8 is the ability to send and receive text messages from my Mac or iPad.

Final Thoughts

I won’t go back to a small screen. I love my iPhone 6 Plus and I always tell iPhone users who are looking to upgrade to take the chance and go big, or at least go into a store and mess around with the phone for a while before making your final choice.

Matthew Evans

Matthew co-founded Goopply in 2013 and is the Executive Editor. Matthew handles all day to day operations and writes about technology such as Apple, Mobile Devices and Apps. Matthew is a blogger, developer and a former Radio Broadcaster. In his spare time Matthew enjoys hiking, baseball and taking pictures.

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