A Look Into Microsoft Windows 10

If there is one thing I think we can almost all agree on, its Windows 8 for PC was horrible. You put it on a tablet or a phone, and its fantastic and just what we needed. Why is that?

It’s no mystery that Microsoft radically changed the windows layout with windows 8. They did something they haven’t changed since the mid 90s. They took away the start menu. That’s it. That one thing changed everyone’s opinion on Windows. It flopped windows 8. I didn’t upgrade. If you didn’t have a touch screen monitor or device, it was clunky at best.

Later this year, Microsoft is releasing the next version of windows, Windows 10, and it will change the way we look at and appreciate windows, for the better.

What’s the difference from Windows 8 and Windows 10?

Well for starters you get your start menu back. For almost all of us who aren’t lying to ourselves, this will be a most welcomed change. But if you are like me, and like the metro styled live tiles, but didn’t like the start screen, you’re in luck. Just to the right of the normal start menu, is a section where you can pin your tiles. That’s right its the best of both worlds.

For those that are unfamiliar, pinning live tiles is a great way to get information at a quick glance. Pin the weather app and you can see the weather outside, or the forecast for the next few days. Pin twitter and facebook and see some tweets or activity from notifications.

That’s great news! What else does windows 10 for PC offer me?

Cortana! If you haven’t used a windows phone lately you might not know what Cortana is. She is a digital assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri. She does have some extra functionality than Siri, but the nuts and bolts are pretty much the same. She will be built into windows 10. She can search things for you, make reminders notifications, and add things in your calendar.

Windows 10 - Cortana

Cortana for PC has the new “Hey Cortana” feature built in. This basically allows you to bring up Cortana by saying “Hey Cortana”, as long as a mic is attached or built into your PC. This may not seem that cool, but imagine you’re looking up an event and want to know the weather, but don’t want to open a new tab on your web browser. “Hey Cortana, what’s the weather tomorrow?” And you have instant access to the forecast. Want to schedule it in your calendar too? “Hey Cortana, Remind me to have a play date tomorrow at 1 PM”. Its that easy.

Action Center

Windows 10 - Action Center

Anyone who owns a smartphone knows they can pull down from the top and see any notifications. Windows 10 for PC will have an action center built into it that is accessible from the taskbar.

Universal Apps

Windows 10 - Start Menu

This is one thing im really excited about, and you should be too, especially if you own other Microsoft products. A universal app is available on Xbox one, windows 10 for PC, tablets and phone. You buy it once and its available for download on the other devices. Your data is synced between all devices. Making this interconnected is going to be something Microsoft is doing to help push their products. If they have the app development, it could increase sales to their non PC devices.

One of the best things Windows 10 has to offer, is its free! Thats right, you heard me. On release if you have windows 7, 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1, you’ll get upgraded at no cost to you! This promotion will only be available for the first year Windows 10 is out.
This is just a brief overview of what windows 10 has to offer. For more information visit Windows 10. Stay tuned to Goopply for more windows 10 new and for more information on windows 10 for phone once the technical preview is available next month.

Roy Czlapinski

Roy joined Goopply in 2013 as a periodical contributor. Since then he has become the Managing Editor, who assists the Executive Editor with the administrative side of Goopply. Roy also writes articles about mobile devices, tech news, video games and apps. In his spare time, Roy enjoys reading, video games, and spending time with his kids.

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