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Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac & Tweetbot 4.0 for iOS Coming Soon

Tapbots announced that they are working on updates for Tweetbot and Calcbot on there new website. Tapbots recently launched a update to Calcbot and according to them they have more updates on the way.

Tweetbot is one of the most popular third-party Twitter applications for iOS and Mac. However, one thing that Tweetbot has lacked is timely and quick updates. When Apple released a major overhaul of iOS, Tweetbot’s custom design – like many others – was out of date. Tweetbot was updated for iPhone in October of 2003 and has seen other updates for the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus. But one thing that was lacking was Tweetbot for iPad. Thursday, Tapbots announced that it is developing Tweetbot 4.0, which will include landscape support, iPad version, redesigned profile view and more.

Tapbots also announced they are working closer to a beta version for Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac. Tweetbot for Mac was completely redesigned for OS Yosemite.

This is exciting news for many and Tapbots said in the blog posting that they hope to have the updated apps released by June before WWDC.

“Our goal is to finish major updates to all of our apps before WWDC. We never want to be in the middle of a huge update or new app through the summer because WWDC has a tendancy to derail us with significant OS changes. We are going to do a better job keeping our current apps up to date with each new OS release.”

You can read the complete announcement from Tapbots blog.


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