Chase Bank Removes App From Windows Phone Marketplace

In late January, Chase Bank told us they would be removing their app from the Windows Phone marketplace on the 26th of that month, which they did. It was at that point that they told us that the app would still work, if you had it already, until March 22nd. Bank of America told us something similar.

However, much to the relief of Chase customers, the bank said their app would continue to be supported until further notice. (Bank of America held true to their word though). This was a small victory for Windows Phone users everywhere.

However the 22nd came and anyone who logged on was greeted with a message informing them that the app was indeed no longer supported and recommended them to the mobile site.

This is where things got tricky. Any one using internet explorer on a windows phone couldn’t access the site from the mobile site. A full desktop version was required to login. Bank of America had a similar problem for their Windows Phone customers as well.

Another one bites the dust on the Windows Phone market. How do you feel about Chases back and forth decision, and their choice to take down support for the app in the end for Windows Phone customers?

Being one of the bigger banks in America, do you think this says a lot for the future of Microsoft’s mobile phone division?

Roy Czlapinski

Roy joined Goopply in 2013 as a periodical contributor. Since then he has become the Managing Editor, who assists the Executive Editor with the administrative side of Goopply. Roy also writes articles about mobile devices, tech news, video games and apps. In his spare time, Roy enjoys reading, video games, and spending time with his kids.

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