How to Turn Off Amber Alerts On iPhone

Did the recent Amber Alert scare you? If you live in or near Seattle, WA Monday evening, you might have gotten an Amber Alert on your iPhone.

Amber Alerts trigger a loud alarm and are somewhat annoying. I was at the store when the Amber Alert was issued and I heard several different phones go off and some people were scared of the alert. Some people didn’t even know what it was until I said it was an Amber Alert from their phone.


It is important to note that these alerts do not trigger a loud alarm when your phone is in “Do Not Disturb” or “Silent Mode”. But if you would prefer not to get these alerts, you can turn them off directly.

Turning off these alerts on your iPhone is easy and simple:

1. Open Settings

2. Notifications

3. Scroll down and under Government Alerts uncheck Amber Alerts. You can also choose to turn off Emergency Alerts. The Emergency Alerts also includesextreme weather warnings, evacuation notices, and national emergencys. 

How-To-Turn-Off-Alerts-Step1  How-To-Turn-Off-Alerts-Step2How-To-Turn-Off-Alerts-Step3


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