Why I switched away from Windows Phone

I previously shared an article on the state of Windows Phone, as seen through my eyes.

Although I love the OS, and Windows 10 is on the horizon and looks beautiful, I have opted to move away from Windows Phone for the time being.

If you know me, you know how much I talk up the Windows Mobile platform. Therefore, this decision may surprise a few, including myself.

I want everyone to know, it’s nothing personal against the Windows platform for phones. I want to have a Windows phone, but I want the whole experience to be full and rewarding.

Apps have been dropping off the market left and right, and at an alarming rate. It’s enough to demoralize you when you see a new article about the loss of another big name app.

Some big name developers won’t even develop for Windows phone. That alone is enough to make you pull your hair out. Sure, if you’re new to the smartphone world, you won’t know what you’re missing. But if you’ve sampled another OS, especially Android, you’ll find a lot missing. For instance, there are no Google apps avaliable for Windows.

I understand that Windows owns such a small part of the market, and at this point, it doesn’t benefit many companies to put in the time to develop for the fledgling mobile OS, but this is something Microsoft should address and isn’t doing a good enough job.

It’s because of this, that I’m now using an iPhone 5C. My first few days back to iPhone were heaven. To be able to use Snapchat with my friends, to look at Google +, to have my likes actually work on Facebook! These were all a god send.

I didn’t realize how secluded my world was with Windows. I always justified it as “I could deal with 3rd party apps”, or “I didn’t really need those apps”. But you know what, just because I could deal, and I didn’t need, doesn’t mean that I didn’t want, or the real thing isn’t better.

While one day I hope to see Windows Phone make up some of the market share and get more apps, I’ll be using an iPhone for the time being. If their universal app program pays off, or they find a way to give companies more incentive to develop, I could see myself back on Windows. Only time will tell.

Roy Czlapinski

Roy joined Goopply in 2013 as a periodical contributor. Since then he has become the Managing Editor, who assists the Executive Editor with the administrative side of Goopply. Roy also writes articles about mobile devices, tech news, video games and apps. In his spare time, Roy enjoys reading, video games, and spending time with his kids.

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