Star Wars Battlefront Release Date and Trailer

If you are a fan of Star Wars games, chances are you’ve played, and love the Battlefront series. The game allows you to play a small role in the war between the Empire or Rebel Alliance, or Old Republic/Seperetist, depending on the Era you play in.

EA announced that DICE, the guys behind the Battlefield franchise, would be making this new game a little over a year ago. Patience paid off! We have a trailer and the game looks beautiful. It was also released that the game would come out November 17th. For everyone purchasing a copy, they will also get a free “expansion” DLC in December called “Battle for Jakku”.  This expansion takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi.

We know from panels of the The Force Awakens, also due out in December, that this area plays a huge part in that movie. 

Check out the trailer Here

This game will be avaliable for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through EAs Origin service 

Image credit EA

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