What’s on Matt C’s Nexus 5

Twilight helps to alleviate the sleep inhibiting effects of our technology.

I stay up pretty late on my devices, my computer has this software already with Flux, but I realized the other day that my phone didn’t. I recently bought a Nexus 5 and have been spending a majority of my time staring at its screen because it’s so good at doing everything I need.

Our displays (phones, computers, etc) emit a blue light that interferes with our body’s production of Melatonin, the chemical our body uses to make us tired. Every night before bed, the last thing I look at is generally my phone. I finally put two and two together when my eyes started to feel a little itchy.

Twilight adds a mixture of orange, yellow, and red tints to your screen as you view it during the night. These warm colors are easier on the eye as well and works to stop them from feeling scratchy and dried out. I needed this to happen before I understood just how much I was looking at this unfiltered screen on my Nexus 5. I’m on it looking up product information at work, using it at home to watch videos while cooking, or just sitting down and looking up random bits of information.

The blue portion of LCD screens are essentially turned off. With Twilight, the two most important media devices in my life, my phone and my computer, are filtered so that their impact on my much loved sleep is relatively non-existent.

Unfortunately, Flux, the absolute best in terms of screen-filtering software, is not available for Android. The odd thing is that while it is available for iOS, it is only available on jailbroken devices because it requires access to features of the phone that Apps are not allowed to access if they want to be on the App Store.

Where to Get:

>> Twilight for Android <<
>> Flux for PC (and jail broken iPhones) <<

Matt Carter

Matt became a member of the Goopply team in 2015 and is our Senior Editor. While most of his duties entail making sure articles are edited properly, he also contributes content on things he finds personally interesting. In his time away from work, Matt enjoys card games, including designing his own, as well as birds and cats.

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