What’s On My Phone – Tim Edition

You can tell a lot about a person by just looking at the apps they have on their phone. This is what’s on my phone: Tim Edition.

What’s on my phone

My phone is the Nexus 5 running stock Android 5.1 Lollipop.

#1 My favorite app I use most of the time is Relay for Reddit (pro). It’s easy to find the right subreddits and browse the site. I’ve used many Reddit apps and this one is easily the best.

#2 One of the other apps I use quite frequently is Snapchat, I enjoy seeing what friends are up to with quick photos and short videos.

#3 VISCO Cam ( Android | iOS )is what I use to edit photos on the go. It’s the best photo editing app I could find and the end results are great. Here are a few samples of some photos taken and edited within the app.


Taken with Visco Cam #1



Taken with Visco Cam #2


#4 My email app of choice has to be Inbox. Inbox makes email a better experience. Emails can be marked as ‘done’ and won’t be see again unless they are relavent to a search. You can mark emails to deal with them later and mark important emails so you won’t lose them.

#5 I use Waze as my primary navigation app. It shows me what real users are saying and can spot cops pretty well, it makes driving more fun.

#6 I use Google Calendar for my schedule app. It’s the default one, I find it’s the best and it’s free. You can view it on the web, and the app itself is visually appealing.

That was a quick look at the kind of apps I use on the daily. As you can tell, I don’t really use my phone to watch videos or play games, it’s really only for browsing the web and taking photos. Thanks for checking out what I have on my phone.

Tim Van Klavern

Tim joined us in 2015 as our Director of Media and Graphical Design. He makes sure all of our video and audio content is edited properly and available to all of you. He also oversees any graphical areas of goopply.com. Tim loves videography, video games, animation, and technology in general.

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