Why Spotify, Rdio and Pandora should be scared of Apple Music

Apple recently announced the launch of its long awaited music streaming service, Apple Music. I’ve had some time to think about this over the past couple of months, and believe that Apple Music will give streaming services a run for their money.

While tweeting during Apple keynote, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted the tweet “Oh ok” in response to Apple Music. The tweet was later deleted, but not before several news services took a screenshot of the tweet.

Rdio posted a message on their social media accounts welcoming Apple to the streaming service:

Welcome, Apple. Seriously.

Welcome to the most exciting and important frontier since the digital music revolution began 16 years ago.

We look forward to responsible competition in the massive effort to make music available legally for anyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Because what we are doing is increasing the value of music by enhancing each individual’s experience with music they love.

Welcome to the task.

Pandora has made a statement to CNBC saying it still feels confident in Pandora as a leader in the streaming music industry. One thing about the interview was the fact that Pandora has been perfecting its algorithms that play random, personalized music for more then 15 years. WOW!

So why should these services be threatened by Apple?

  1. Apple has very strong ties to record companies, and now with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre working for Apple, this will play a huge roll in the services future. Iovine has likely already played a big part in developing Apple Music.
  2. All these services use algorithms, and even if you are the best at programing algorithms, you’ll never be better then humans. Apple has a leading music team which is programming Apple Music. This is something that could crush Pandora, as it doesn’t offer music on-demand alongside its randomization.
  3. Apple has launched a social networking service for artists – who are singed and un-signed – to connect with their fans. While this likely won’t replace Facebook or Twitter, it will empower artists who want to share new songs, previews and more. I try to follow my favorites artists on Twitter, but it’s not a dedicated experience. With Apple Music, I can connect directly with artists.
  4. Like other streaming services you are limited by artists who want to stream there music. Taylor Swift pulled her music from the streaming service.  If you are like me and want to to make your own playlist and you want to add that favorite Taylor Swift song, well your out of luck. But with Apple Music you can buy the tune from Apple and add it to your playlist.
  5. Apple Music could expand to be on the same platforms as other streaming services, since Apple will be launching an Android version of Apple Music later this fall. Apple hasn’t launched an Android application, before is used to going outside of their platform with Windows. This is just another clear reason why Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora should be scared.

These are just my thoughts on streaming services, and only time will tell if Apple Music will really threaten the streaming market. I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below, but please keep it clean and don’t attack anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Matthew Evans

Matthew co-founded Goopply in 2013 and is the Executive Editor. Matthew handles all day to day operations and writes about technology such as Apple, Mobile Devices and Apps. Matthew is a blogger, developer and a former Radio Broadcaster. In his spare time Matthew enjoys hiking, baseball and taking pictures.

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