Why you should give Apple Music a shot

Why you should give Apple Music a shot

Many people may believe that Apple Music will be a failure, but really if you give it a try you, may learn that it’s the best streaming service on the planet.

I started out as a Spotify user, and then quickly learned about Rdio. After Beats Music was launched, I signed up for the free trial and kept both services for several months. I made efforts to listen to my Rdio, but consistently found myself listening to Beats Music.

When I later made the decision to cancel Rdio, it was easy, and I since have never missed it. Beats Music just felt like it had more of a human touch when I was listening to random music through “The Sentence”, a list of scenarios that will play music designed for a variety of situations. From being at the beach and wanting to celebrate with friends over some 80’s music, to feeling like vacationing with zombies to hardcore music at a club, “The Sentence” is a really intuitive way to match music to mood.

One thing missing missing from Beats Music is songs which I wanted to listen to, but wasn’t available via steaming. Now that Apple Music will be integrated with the OS, if I have a songs in my library, the app will be able to play those songs in addition to on-demand streaming requests.

Plus, the most important peace of the story is that my music won’t be controlled by algorithms. Algorithms can’t program music like a human can, and Apple Music has a team of specialists who program Apple Music.

Apple is offering a three month trial, so what do you have to lose?


Apple Music launches on June 30th and will be available later this fall on Android.

Matthew Evans

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