I Did What I Said I Would Never Do…

I Did What I Said I Would Never Do…

Yes, folks I upgraded my Lennovo Think Pad to Windows 10 Pro. Just a few months ago I was telling people I work with how I would never leave Windows 7. I hated Windows 8 and thought it was completely trash. After playing with Windows 10 at Best Buy and other retailers I decided that It wasn’t as bad as Windows 8.

Windows 10 Sign Up

Earlier Tuesday morning I signed up for to reserve my free copy of Windows 10. By afternoon I had received notification that my update was ready to download and I took that step and download it. The update process was very simple and easy. Overall this has been a good rollout by Microsoft. I can understand how people would be frustrated not being able to get their copy on launch day. But you have to understand this is one of the biggest over the internet rollouts. We have already seen people who have been able to bypass the system and start the update right away.

Start Windows 10 Update

As this isn’t my primary device and is used very rarly, waiting to do the upgrade wasn’t really a big deal for me. I expected to wait several days before getting the update. Installing it was fairly easy and very quick however the speed will likely depend on how fast your PC runs.

So What Next?

While I plan to do a complete Windows 10 review from a person who hated Windows 8 and loved Windows 7, and also from a “Apple Guy” point of view. I also plan on using the new web browsers for Windows 10 called “Microsoft Edge”. I will share my thoughts on Windows 10 and what I think it holds for the future of Microsoft.

I do plan on spending a fair amount of time working with Windows 10 each day. I plan on completing my review once I’ve becomeacquainted with all 10 has to offer.

You might be asking me should you upgrade right now?

I haven’t seen many bugs for the few hours I’ve been using it. But some Windows 10 users have been experiencing bugs. If you are using Windows 8 or I should say the trash version of Windows then yes by all means upgrade but you might be experiencing some bugs from time to time.

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 please share your experience with me on Twitter @iammatthew or in the comments below.

Matthew Evans

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