A look at Apple’s Live Event

A look at Apple’s Live Event

Just like clockwork, Apple held their yearly fall live event. This specific event is known for showing us what we have to look forward to for the New Year’s iPads and iPhones. This year was no different, and Apple pulled out all the stops! I was chatting with Matt during the live event and we both were excited over all the new things Apple has in store for us, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you, so let’s get to it!

Apple Watch and Watch OS 2

Apple started their event off with telling us about the Apple Watch. Apple will be introducing new native apps for the newest version of their watch. This will include things like Facebook Messenger, GoPro (as a viewing screen), iTranslate and Airstrip. Airstrip was demoed by showing how it can help pregnant women.

A doctor can message a woman and tell them they need to perform an NST (Non Stress Test). This is a test that monitors baby’s heart beat and movement. There is a monitor the woman can use, and then send the data to the doctor to review. All from the comfort of their own home! The mom to be can also choose to listen to her baby’s heart beat!

Another announcement for Apple Watch is that gold and rose gold will be available in the sports line up, along with new bands, including a Product Red band.

A Brand New iPad

Apple dropped a huge bomb on us and announced the iPad Pro! I can’t tell you how Excited Matt was over this one. The iPad pro rocks a 12.9” screen with 5.6 million pixels. This is more than the MacBook Pro! It has a 64-bit A9x processor and sports 4 speakers, one in each corner. This adjusts the balance, based on how you hold it. An impressive 10 hour batter, as well as an 8MP iSight camera is included as well.
Apple will also have a Smart Keyboard case for it. This will be made out of a woven fabric for durability. It will hook up to the iPad through the smart connector, which will pass data and power back and forth.
The next big announcement is the Apple pencil. This is, in basic, a stylus for the iPad….on steroids. The screen is twice as sensitive when using the pencil, and it can record position, force and angle. It has a lightning connector built in for charging, by hooking up to the iPad pro.iPad

Another first, were the next presenters during the iPad presentation. Microsoft presented how Office will benefit from the iPad pro. Their presentation showed how the pencil can be used for quick edits of documents, and having separate screens for multiple files open side by side.
The iPad Pro will start with a 32GB model at $799, going up to a 128 GB model for $1079. The Smart Keyboard will be $169 and this will be available to us in November.

Here is a look at the iPad Line Up

iPad LIneUp

Apple TV

We had a lot of exciting changes to Apple TV, and they are all long awaited. First, we get a new remote with a touch surface, as well as a Siri button to help us search through Apple TV. Siri doesn’t just help us search, she improves our viewing experience. If I missed what someone said, I can ask Siri what was said, and she will go back 15 seconds and turn on subtitles for that duration of time.
We have plenty of other Apps coming, more games, and the ability for multiplayer! If someone has an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad, they can join in on the fun.

The new Apple TV comes in two models, 32GB ($149) or the 64GB ($199)

Two new iPhone’s

The moment everyone sits on the edge of their seat for. The iPhone announcement. Tim Started out by telling us that the iPhone is the fastest growing smartphone out there by 25% growth over the rest of the industry.

As can be expected, the new models will be the 6s and the 6s Plus. We will also be getting a new color this year, Rose Gold.

One new feature we got to see is 3D touch. One demo of the new 3d touch is to let us peek at messages, rather than just opening them. We can also force it open if we want to see it after all. This is all done by how much pressure we press down on. The 3D touch will allow you to also access multitasking by an edge swipe from side of the screen, which will allow you to swipe between apps.
The 6s series has an A9 chip with a 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU. Thanks to the M9 coprocessor, hey Siri now works while the phone is plugged in, or not plugged in. We have a 12MP iSight camera included as well.

The iPhone 6s will have LTE Advanced which is 2x faster. Apple will also be giving us charging docks for the first time!

One thing that surprised me in particular was the new iPhone upgrade program. You can now get an unlocked iPhone with AppleCare starting at $32 a month. This will allow you to get a new phone every year if you wanted to.
That wraps up Apples Live Event.

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