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Did you hear the release of the new iPad Mini 4?

Apple once again filled their 2 hour event with a ton of product launches, including the new iPad Mini 4.

While displaying the pricing for the iPad Pro they introduced the iPad Mini 4 which was updated to the hardware in the iPad Air 2. During the last iPad product line up, we saw a new iPad Mini 3 which basically was the same as the iPad Mini 2 except it included Touch ID.

This was apleasant surprise for iPad Mini fans, including our own Roy Czlapinski who is a bigger fan of the iPad Mini models.

This maybe upsetting if you recently just bought a iPad Mini 3, as it is the same price. This is nothing new to Apple as they did a similar launch with the iPad 4 generation. The iPad 4 included a slightly faster processor and the new Lightning connector instead of the 30-pin connector.

Will you buy the new iPad Mini 4?

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