5 Apps to Replace Stock Mail on iOS 

5 Apps to Replace Stock Mail on iOS 

Email is still a pretty strong way of communicating, and mobile devices continue to innovate how we check and send our emails. Here are a look at several great apps to replace your stock version of iOS Mail.

1. Spark
Price: FREE

Spark is a new app that recently launched for iOS and is made by the same great folks that made Calendar 5. Spark gives your email a clean and refreshing look. Spark, like many other services, allows you to clear your mailbox and set reminders to reply at a later date and time. Spark is comparable with Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail, or any Pop or IMAP service. Spark even offers push notifications for Gmail accounts – which the stock version doesn’t include.

2. Outlook
Price: FREE

Microsoft acquired a great email application and rebranded it as Outlook for iOS. Outlook, like the desktop application, offers a rich email and calendar experience on the best mobile platforms. Outlook is easy to use and offers support for Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange, iCloud, Gmail, or any Pop or IMAP service. Outlook is a universal app, supporting both iPhone and iPad. Outlook is also available on Android.

3. Inbox by Gmail
Price: FREE

Inbox is a new app which allows you to sort your messages into groups. It has a fantastic material design, which looks amazing on mobile phones and will change the way you look at your email. Inbox is a universal app, supporting both iPhones and iPad. Inbox only supports Gmail. Inbox is also available on Android and via the web.

4. Mail Pilot 2
Price: $9.99

Mail Pilot is an email app which aims to simplify your email. It is integrated with your reminders and allows you to snooze emails and be reminded to reply to them at a later date and time. Mail Pilot works across many different platforms, including iPad, Mac, AppleWatch and, of course, your iPhone. Mail Pilot offers push notifications across all platforms. One down fall to Mail Pilot is it isn’t free, but it is still worth the money if you’re an email nerd. Youu can use Mail Pilot with iCloud, Gmail, AOL, Outlook.com Yahoo! Mail or any Pop or IMAP service.

5. Mailbox
Price: FREE

Mailbox, now owned by Dropbox was one of the first to reinvent the Inbox by allowing you to snooze messages as you would your alarm clock. Mailbox is a fantastic replacement for your stock iPhone Mail app. Mailbox is also available on Mac and Android.  A downside to Mailbox is it only supports Gmail and iCloud.

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