Four Days with the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot

Four Days with the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot

I’ve actually had my T-Mobile Cell Spot for almost two weeks. I received my first T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot on December 2nd, but unfortunately it wouldn’t communicate with the T-Mobile servers.

I spoke with a few customer service reps and this ultimately ended with me creating a support ticket. I was told that it would take up to 48 hours, after which I would receive a phone call back. 48 hours went by with no phone call and the Cell Spot still wasn’t working.

So I called back and spoke to another T-Mobile Rep who said she couldn’t find my ticket.

She offered to send me out a new Cell Spot overnight and I would receive it by Tuesday. I said “okay” and she finished up the order and I received a new order number. I later received a tracking number and come to find out it was shipped “UPS Ground” again. My first Cell Spot was actually supposed to be shipped “UPS Ground 3-Day” and it also got shipped “UPS Ground,” which takes normally 7 days.

I currently live on an island which has very limited cell phone coverage due to limited towers. There is no cell phone service that spans the entire island. At home, I was getting zero bars and relying on Wi-Fi calling, but over all, the quality wasn’t very good and I was having problems with Wi-Fi calling actually working in general, so I spoke with a T-Mobile rep and he suggested I try the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot.

Now that my T-Mobile Cell Spot is up and running, I couldn’t be happier with the quality. The second T-Mobile Cell Spot worked, and I’ve now been using it for three days. Inside my entire place I get full 5 bars with 4G LTE. So after getting up and running, I turned off Wi-Fi calling and decided to make phone calls. Each call was very clear on both ends throughout the entire place. Now it was time to try the data and here were the results:

Data Speed Test over T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot
Data Speed Test over T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot

Overall, the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot has improved the coverage in my home. The Cell Spot requires a high-speed internet connection in addition to being plugged into an electrical outlet. Unfortunately, on the 3rd day of owning the spot, we had a major storm which knocked out our cable provider to most of the Island. But overall, I feel like this is a huge victory for me to stay with T-Mobile.

I’ve also switched to an Apple iPhone 6S Plus, which supports T-Mobile’s new 700 band. The new 700 band is stronger and better at getting through walls. Now I get at least 1 bar of 4G LTE in most of our place which allows me to make phone calls. Before with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus I got no service throughout my entire home.

One of the coolest things is that the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot is completely free to use. It only requires a $25 despot. There are no monthly fees. In addition, T-Mobile offers other versions of the Cell Spot. Check them out here. Setup is very easy, but using the Cell Spot does require a high-speed internet connection.

Let me know if the T-Mobile 4G LTE Cell Spot works for you. Reach out to me in the comments below or on Twitter @iammatthew.

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  1. We went with the T-mobile Personal cellspot WiFi router instead of the 4g lte cellspot.
    Why? We only had a Type N router and T-mobile router also includes WiFi Type AC which is faster.
    and all our iPhones can do WiFi calling.
    One other plus: data through WiFi is not counted for your T-mobile plan while data through the T-mobile 4g lte cellspot does count.

    1. I was using WiFi calling on a Wireless N router but was having problems with the WiFi calling on our phones. As far as data goes we still use our router for data. We really only the Cell Spot for phone calls. We have unlimited data on our phones so either way it doesn’t matter, but I understand for some people who don’t have unlimited data. It would be nice to see T-Mobile give free unlimited data while using the 4G LTE Cell Spot.

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