Airmail for iOS – An Incredible Powerful Email App

Airmail for iOS – An Incredible Powerful Email App

Airmail for OS X is a very powerful email client for the Mac. The development team has been working an iOS 9 version for the past few months, and I got the chance to be a part of the beta. Over the last few months, I’ve grown to rely on it more, and just recently they’ve released version 1.0.

Airmail launches version 1.0 on the iOS AppStore.


Airmail, like its Mac counterpart, works with a number of third productivity apps like Fantastical 2, Wunderlist, Draft 4, and many others. You can also import your Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail,, IMAP, and Pop email accounts.

So far, it runs fast on my iPhone 6S plus, something that’s not common among 3rd party apps.

Airmail’s cloud sync works perfectly with the Mac App. You can sync your account settings in the cloud and easily sync those accounts between your iPhone and Mac, all while protecting your privacy because your email isn’t stored on their servers. But if you sync your account settings, you’ll still need to enter a password for the account.

Airmail works seamlessly with the Apple Watch


Airmail was built for the Apple Watch and utilizes both Glances and Interactive Notifications. As many of you know, I’m very much in love with my Apple Watch, and with this new mail experience, I’ve enjoyed using it even more. I also love how they’ve implemented their Glance.

Final thoughts

Email is very important to me for both work and personal life. I’ve tried a number of iOS email applications, but none of them provided the right kind of experience, so I’ve continued to use Apple Mail. Airmail is fast, super fast on both Mac and iPhone. It’s one of the best email experiences I’ve had so far.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I plan on doing a full review on the final version. Meanwhile reach out to me on Twitter @iammatthew and share your thoughts on if you might buy the app.

Airmail is now available on the AppStore for $4.99 which is a great price.

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