Facebook rolls out new “Reactions” but still no dislike button

Facebook rolls out new “Reactions” but still no dislike button

Have you ever read someone’s Facebook post, saw something horrible happened to them, didn’t want to comment and went to go hit the “like” button and wasn’t sure if that meant you supported them, or if you liked that something bad happened? There are memes all over the Internet about this situation. For years, Facebook users have asked for a “dislike” button. Well, yesterday, Mark Zuckerburg and the team at Facebook finally gave us what we were asking for….kind of. Ok not really! But they did give us the ability to convey our feelings on a post a little better without needing to comment.

Enter Facebook Reactions.

If you are on a computer and you hover over the “like” button, or on mobile press and hold the same button, you’ll see something new pop up. These are called Reactions. They come in five new flavors; Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry (all with animation too!) while this isn’t exactly the dislike button we all wanted, it’s way better.

I’ll admit when I first saw them, I wasn’t too sure about them, but after a day of messing with them, I’m 100% sold. I find myself commenting less, which for a full time worker, with an hour commute, and a father of four, being able to get my point across faster is better! I think something is funny, it gets the haha. Oh something bad happened to my friends? It gets the Angry, Sad, or Wow, depending on what happened. My wife posts an adorable picture of my kids, I don’t just like that, I LOVE that. It adds a whole new depth to our communication on Facebook.

Facebook spend the better part of a year developing this system. They worked with sociologists, focus groups, as well as conducted surveys. They had shortened the list of possibilities down to the most used words in comments, and there you have it. Facebook had announced they would start testing these back in October in Ireland and Spain. From there it opened to other countries such as Chile, The Philippines, Portugal, and Columbia.

What do you all think of the new reactions? Let us know on Twitter @Goopply, comment on our Facebook page, or drop us a comment!

Roy Czlapinski

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