Ossic X Headphones – Personal Audio Immersion

Ossic X Headphones – Personal Audio Immersion

Every day, a new product threatens to turn an industry on its head. The Ossic X headphones may do that and, in the process, redefine how sound is designed for interactive experiences.

Your Shape

Ossic X shape graphic
Traditional headphones don’t account for our anatomy – image by: Ossic

The Ossic X headphones are the first 3D audio headphones that customize their sound profile to you. Sensors in the headset work to calibrate its output for your unique head and ear profile. We all hear sound differently based on how our unique features capture sound from the world around us. The Ossic X is the first headset ever to adjust its output based on your, erm, measurements.

Your Space

Ossic X space graphic
An actual sense of space from your audio content – image by: Ossic

There are few headsets that have impressed me based on their concept alone. There are a ton of features competing for our dollar like noise canceling, bass boost, open design, closed design, and a ton of others that don’t fundamentally change my listening experience. The 3-Dimensional audio of the Ossic X will deliver the most compelling innovation in headphones I’ve ever seen.

Ossic X surround sound
image by: Ossic

3-Dimensional audio is like sitting in the center of a movie theater. It’s like being the video game character inside the game. Imagine using this headset and pairing it with VR technology…horror games, action games, puzzle games – the immersive possibilities are exciting!

Ossic X vr gif
image by: Ossic

The company behind the Ossics have a video of audio industry professionals trying the headset on. Some immediately take it off (which is hilarious) thinking the headset can’t be doing what it’s doing. Even though they’re on the cutting edge of audio technology, this headset was a unique new experience for them.


The Ossic X looks sleek

Ossic X
image by: Ossic

It’s a clean, durable looking headset. I love the blue accent inside the headphones, this gives it a nice highlight and contrast against the black material. Over on their kickstarter page, they go into detail about their design process and philosophy behind what they wanted in a quality headset.

Go check these out now

The Ossic X will be available on kickstarter until Thursday, Apr 21 2016. There’s all kinds of early-bird specials that’ll save you some money off of the retail price. Watch their Kickstarter videos, check out some of their other videos, including one with the CEO of THX. Go…now.


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