Restore your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from iCloud in iOS 9

Restore your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from iCloud in iOS 9

You’ve just upgraded to a new iPhone, or you might be thinking about upgrading in the near future. You’re wondering how your iCloud can help you transfer content from your old device to your brand new one.

Here is how to restore your iPhone or other iDevice from iCloud:

You’ll want to make sure your device is in set-up mode. If you’d like to erase all content on your current device, and restore it with your backup, you can learn how to do that by checking out this article.

Step 1: From the welcome screen slide right.

Step 2: Select your language.

Step 3: Select your Country or Region.

How to Restore your iphone Part 1 iOS 9.2

Step 4: Select your Wi-Fi Network. You must use a Wi-Fi Network to restore the backup and apps.

Step 5: Enter password for Wi-Fi Network (if applicable).

Step 6: Enable or Disable Location Services.

How to Restore your iphone Part 2 iOS 9.2

Step 7:  Set-up Touch ID or chose Setup Touch ID later.

Step 8: Create a passcode or click “password options” to select a different security method.

Important note: It is recommended that you use a password to keep your device safe.

How to Restore your iphone Part 3 iOS 9.2

Step 9: Click Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 10: Enter your Apple ID and Password

Step 11: Agree to the Terms and Conditions

How to Restore your iphone Part 4 iOS 9.2

Step 13: Choose your backup

Important note: If your device is using an earlier version of firmware, then you’ll need to upgrade the device to the backup firmware.

For example if your device is running iOS 9.1, you’ll not be able to restore to a back from iOS 9.2. You’ll want to use the back button and go back to Apps & Data and select “Set Up as New iPhone. Once the phone is setup, you can preform a software update and then reset it back to the factory settings and repeat this process.

Step 14: Enter your Apple ID and Password. This is required to re-download your apps from the AppStore.

How to Restore your iphone Part 5 iOS 9.2

Your device will now begin restoring from your iCloud Backup. Once it completes, it will begin restoring all 0f your apps and data. It might consider keeping your iPhone on the charger and coming back, depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, it could take some time.

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