Apple Announces New Bands, Price Drop for Apple Watch

Apple Announces New Bands, Price Drop for Apple Watch

Apple announced some pretty impressive things at their keynote on March 21st. A new 9.7″ iPad Pro and the new iPhone SE. They talked about how they were helping the environment and helping with medical research. However amidst all their announcements, Apple Watch users were given some new things to look forward to aswell.

Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch was the #1 selling smart watch on the market! That’s pretty impressive after having just been out for the past year and having others to contend with that have already established themselves. He went on to say that 1/3 of all Apple Watch users change their bands out regularly to match any occasion. I haven’t switched the band on mine, but with their new spring lineup, I just might.

There are bright new spring colors to add to their sport lineup. The leather lineup didn’t get left out, as we now see a different shade of blue and red available. The Milanese loop will now come in a space black variant. My favorite new addition is the Nylon band. It is reminiscent of a NATO style band and is just beautiful.

Apple Watch Price Drop

For those of you who don’t already own an Apple Watch and have wanted to, we have some good news. Starting today, you can pick up an Apple Watch for as low as $299!

Last but not least, WatchOS 2.2 was released and is available now. Check out the release notes below.

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