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Dear Apple, Please Kill Off the 16GB for iPhone

Apple announced the upcoming release of the iPhone SE saying they listened to customers who wanted a smaller iPhone. Apple made it a point to call this out during the keynote.

But why in the hell did they not listen to users who want the iPhone storage increase to 32gb?

Apple has been releasing iPhones starting out at 16gb since the release of the first iPhone, and that was a great size at that time, but over time ,Apple has failed to increase the storage to match demand and the increased complexity of apps and app updates.

Apple did increase the midsize storage in the iPad Air models from 32GB to 64GB, and 64GB to 128GB. But, Apple still introduces the 16GB as their introduction model.

Why Apple just needs to kill the iPhone’s 16GB model

Because for Apps, Photos, Videos, & Updates. 16GB just isn’t’ enough anymore.

That is the simple answer, but the long answer is that apps keep getting bigger and bigger in size. The AppStore continues to grow, and users continue to download more and more apps.

Apple continues to upgrade the camera in the new iPhones, and as the upgrades continue, the file size of each photo taken and video recorded increases. Apple did introduce Photo Cloud library, but that isn’t the answer to everything. Apple also supports Live Photos, which continues to save in bigger file sizes.

Users love to record video with their iPhone, and Apple introduced 4K video in the iPhone 6s models, and now in the iPhone SE, but with only 16GBs, 4K is a completely useless feature.

Apple will continue to push out new updates to the iPhones, and has been working to compress file sizes, but I feel like Apple needs to streamline this process. Apple introduced a feature in iOS 9 that will temporary remove the apps from the iPhones to make room for the updates, which helps, but Apple should be trying to make the iPhone user happy. Updates can still cause some issues for users.

In plain text, 16GB just needs to die. Apple should start out the base line iPhones at 32GB and go up to 64GB and 128GB.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you think that Apple should kill off the 16GB models?

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