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OLO – Accessible Smartphone 3D Printing

Olo Original

OLO is the perfect introduction to 3D printing for everyone. For $99 dollars over on Kickstarter, you can turn your smartphone into a 3D printer. Check out their introduction video for an explanation of how it works.


The way OLO works is remarkably simple: Load up the 3D file on your smartphone, then place the OLO 3D printer on top. It creates a chamber that uses the light from your phone to harden the 3D printing material.

Currently, Olo only works with a smartphone. After its amazing success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it support, or be developed for, other devices.

I’m always in need of custom board game pieces, and having something small, compact, and portable like this would mean I can swap out any broken pieces I have, or replace ones that have broken long ago. Being able to print larger items with just as much simplicity would be equally fantastic.

OLO Resins


OLO uses its own resin (printing material) to ensure owners get safe, high quality prints.

Unused resin can be filtered of printed material and poured back into its bottle for reuse.

These bottles will be available for $15.


A free Android and iOS app will be available for use with OLO that will currently support obj, stl, and ply file types. The app will also allow you to set your uploaded designs as

  • Private: For your eyes only
  • Group: Only those with permission may access your design
  • Public: Available for anyone’s use
  • Revenue: Users must pay to print your design


OLO seems like a cost-effective gateway into 3D printing. It’s small, well designed, and looks to be supported by a large ecosystem of owners. I can’t wait to see what people design, now that this kind of technology is becoming more widespread. Go grab one now! Head over to their Kickstarter Page to find out more.


Support OLO on Kickstarter

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