Power One Review

Power One Review

We all have things to charge. Smartwatches being the newest addition to the mobile phones, tablets, and portable video game systems that make octopuses out of our power strips. Especially for owners of the Apple Watch, charging on the go has never been convenient. Fortunately, the creators of the Power One, a new start up by the name of Gigaflash, approached us and asked if we’d be willing to review the new Power One portable battery charger.

The Power One is the most advanced charger for the Apple Watch, mobile phones and tablets. It comes with an Apple Watch charger built directly into the battery backup so that you can charge your iPhone or other USB device simultaneously.

The Apple Watch has a great battery life. Even on my earliest days where I wake up at 4am and don’t take it off until 11pm, I still have juice in the watch. But there are always days when I forget to charge it or I’m traveling and forget to bring the charger altogether.

The Power One is slim, light, and perfect for travel with its included travel case. It comes in a white finish with a gold border on the side, you’ll find no branding on this device, and it recharges via micro USB.

So how did the Power One preform when I put it to the test?

With its 5000 mAh battery fully charged, I got these results while charging both my Apple Watch and my iPhone 6s Plus simultaneously:

Charging my watch: I was able to charge my battery to 100% from 30%. My 42mm watch has a 250mAh battery. So you can be sure it’ll charge any Apple Watch to 100% almost every time.

Charging my iPhone, I was able to get my battery to 70% from 28%. The battery on my six plus is 2,915mAh. I kept it on while charging, and didn’t switch it to airplane mode so that I could really put the Power One to work. I was impressed by the results.

Your device’s charging results will vary depending on your settings, but the Power One device gives you a good charge and great convenience for just under $55 on NewEgg.

Links on New Egg:

White Model | Black Model

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