T-Moble announces “Unlimited Data Plan”, Kinda
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T-Moble announces “Unlimited Data Plan”, Kinda

First, let me say a small disclaimer: I have T-Mobile service and have always been and continue to be a strong supporter of T-Mobile.

On Thursday, T-Mobile and Sprint both announced new unlimited data plans. I say new because T-Mobile and Sprint have always had unlimited plans. You were just slowed down after you reached a data cap.

So we should really be calling this plan a new unlimited plan instead without caps right?

While it is true T-Mobile and Sprints new data plans have some nasty fine print, both slow video down to Standard Video Quality. However, T-Mobile will offer unlimited HD Video for $25 a month. And while you’ll get unlimited tethering to another device it will be slow down to 2G unless you pay another $15 a month.

Sprint’s new unlimited data plan will also slow down music and gaming, and doesn’t offer a plan for high quality.

T-Mobile will be shifting to a single plan next month and it will start at $70 a month, the second line will cost $50 a month, and each additional line will cost $20 dollars. They will also allow Tablets and Hotspot devices to be added at $20 a month.

T-Mobile is marketing the family plans as $40 dollars per line which comes out to $140 a month for a family of 4.

Sprint plans will cost exactly $10 less for each line.

T-Mobile says they have been working on this plan for years and were the first to announce it, but shortly after, Sprint came out with their new unlimited plan. So who has been working on it the longest? That we may never know, but what we do know is this a big shake up for T-Mobile.

Offering a “buy-in” at $70 a month might not be what everyone is looking for and might not need unlimited data.  So it will be interesting to see how this new plan works for T-Mobile.

Either way, T-Mobile isn’t forcing anyone off their current plans and will continue to sell the current Simple Choice plans until September 6th.

As for me, I have an older promotional plan which features 2-lines for $100 and $40 for each additional line. It comes with unlimited data plan and zero throttling. Now that’s what I call a truly unlimited plan.

Let us know what you think of the new plans. Will you be switching to the new plan?

You can of course watch the entire announcement below


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