What’s New for iOS 10

What’s New for iOS 10

Apple has released iOS 10, which is a big update for iOS users. So what’s new in the operating system?

First, let me say that I’ve been beta testing this operating system and by far this was the most stable version of iOS I’ve tested. Apple released a total of 8 betas over the past few months to developers.

Apple introduced a handful of new features in iOS 10. Let’s start off by checking out the new and improved lock screen.

One big noticeable feature is you’ll no longer “slide to unlock” your iPhone. Since the introduction of the fingerprint scanner, I never really use this method anymore. Apple has replaced this feature with one called Rise to Wake (exclusive to iPhone 6S and newer). Apple Watch users will be familiar with this feature. When you raise your iPhone the screen will wake up. When you put your finger on the scanner it will unlock your device, but it will not directly take you to your home screen. If you press down on the home button it will now take you to the home screen.

If you are like me and want to be taken to the home screen after unlocking your device you can change this under the settings. Just simply click Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down and Select Home Button. Then click Rest Finger to Open.

Note: When you rest your finger on the fingerprint scanner then you’ll go directly to the Home screen.

Apple has also improved accessing the camera from the lock screen.  You simply swipe left and open the camera app directly. If you swipe right you’ll be able to access “Today View” and your widgets.

Apple has also improved the notifications on the lock screen with rich notifications. Now, when you receive a notification, you’ll be able to reply directly from the lock screen. You’ll also be able to view pictures and videos directly inline with the message.

Messaging apps are everywhere you look and everyone is developing them. iMessage, which came out in iOS 5, has been a very popular messaging service in part because it’s built directly into iOS, watchOS, and macOS. In iOS 10; Apple has given iMessage a big overhaul.

You’ll notice some visual changes to messages, but the new features are when you send and receive messages. When sending messages Apple has added some cool ways of saying it with style with animation bubble effects. Apple has included four of them including slam, loud, gentle, and invisible ink. You can also add screen effects to the message. Apple has included balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, or shooting star.

Digital Touch gives you the option to sketch a message with your own handwriting.

Tap, which is kinda like letting them know you are thinking of them. It’s kinda like poking someone.

Fireballs simply allow sending someone fireballs.

Kisss, heartbeat, and heartbreak are other expressions you can send through iMesssage, which shouldn’t be unfamiliar to Apple Watch users. In addition to all of these features you can like or dislike messages simply by holding down on the message.

Apple allows you to send stickers or other emojis. This is now even open to developers, so look for some cool new apps coming to the AppStore soon. You can also send full-length songs directly through messages using Apple Music.

Also when you share links and video, thumbnails now show up directly in line with the messages.

Maps now allows you to find Restaurants close by and even book a table through apps like OpenTable, as well as secure a ride there with Uber — all directly within Maps. Maps added a feature called Smarter Streets which allows you to find the fastest way to where you are going.

Apple also continues to add transit directions to the app, something that Google Maps has had for years.

Apple Music, which launched last year, has been completely redesigned, making it easier to use and find your favorite songs. I often found the old design hard to use. When you open Music, you’ll be greeted by your library, where it is now much simpler to find the song you need. The library screen is also editable, so you can add or remove categories that you want or don’t want. This screen will also display your recently added songs and playlists.

For You is another category that gives you the option to find new music and personal suggestions based on the songs you’ve been listening to.

Browse allows you find new music, curated playlist, and music videos.

Apple Music is a great improvement to iOS 10.

Control Center has been redesigned, but the biggest improvement adds an Apple Music tab. Simply swipe left to access Apple Music.

Apple has added the ability to delete stock apps from the phone which is a very requested feature. You can simply redownload the app through the AppStore.

Last is one of my favorite features and allows you to customize read receipts which let the sender know that you read their message. Now you can customize this feature per message thread. It’s easy to turn off or turn on.

These are just a few of the new features inside iOS 10, but this release is bigger and better than it looks. iOS 10 improves stabilization that we haven’t seen in a while.

Matthew Evans

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