Where Is My iPhone 7 Plus?
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Where Is My iPhone 7 Plus?

I ordered my iPhone 7 Plus late because I wasn’t sure what color I wanted. This year I was sure I was going to ditch the Space Gray model for the Gold model. That idea went out the door when Apple introduced Black and Jet Black.

Black, of course, is one of my favorite colors and when Apple announced the two colors, I wasn’t sure what color I wanted. I decided to wait until the phones were in the Apple store for me to look at them. Well, that put my order way behind others, and now I’m waiting until mid-November to early December. Hopefully, my order will ship much sooner, but this is where I currently stand.

What model did I decide to order?

I decided to go with the Black iPhone 7 Plus 128GB model. I currently have the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB model. While I don’t need 128GB worth of space, 32GB isn’t enough space for me. I use about 35 GB out of the 64GB and getting the 128GB model gives me an even bigger cushion.

I go through a lot of data, mainly from streaming Apple Music. When I get my new iPhone, I plan to start downloading the music instead of streaming it. Just to give you an idea of how much data I use a month I went through almost 33GB of data last month.

Why didn’t I chose the Jet Black model?

It wasn’t a tough choice for me once I found out the Jet Black model scratches easily. I like my Apple devices to look beautiful and while I have a case on my iPhone all the time. Some users said it can still scratch through the case.

Apple products sell easily and for a good value if you keep your device in good condition. So getting the Jet Black model is more or less dropping the resale value of your device.

How to check the status of shipping dates?

Once you place your order, you should find out when your device will be in your hands. But what if you want to know before you order? Sprint has a page which shows what is available and how soon you might receive your device. T-Mobile also has a tool to give you an estimated backorder date. I wasn’t able to find any status on AT&T or Verizon sites.

I look forward to doing a full review once I receive my device.



As I wrote this article, I received a text message from T-Mobile that my iPhone 7 Plus was shipped. I hopefully should have my new iPhone soon.

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