The Battle of the Music Services: Rdio vs Spotify

Editor’s note: Thanks for visiting! We are aware that Google and Apple now have their own music services that come into play, namely iTunes Radio and Google Music All Access. But since neither of these have come to iOS yet, the platform Matt Evans and I use on our mobile devices, we are excitedly awaiting for them to arrive on iOS and will share our take on them. Please say hi and connect with us on your favorite social network in the meanwhile!


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I recently discovered Rdio, right after the Twitter #Music app launched. I have had a Spotify account for about six months before this. If you are not familiar with either service both are music services and much different then Pandora or iHeartRadio. Rdio and Spotify both let you have access to a huge library of music, and make your own playlists and choose your own order of songs. With Pandora or iHeartRadio, you only get to pick stations and they choose the songs you listen to.


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