A Look Into Microsoft Windows 10

If there is one thing I think we can almost all agree on, its Windows 8 for PC was horrible. You put it on a tablet or a phone, and its fantastic and just what we needed. Why is that? It's no mystery that Microsoft radically changed the windows layout with windows 8. They did something they haven't changed since the mid 90s. They took away the start menu. That's it. That one thing changed everyone's opinion on Windows. It flopped windows 8. I didn't upgrade. If you didn't have a touch screen monitor or device, it was clunky at best.

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My first look at the Motorola Moto G

Recently, I obtained a Motorola Moto G phone, and figured I might as well share my thoughts on it with you all. Before I got the Moto G, I was using two phones back and forth. The Nokia Lumia 521 (Windows Phone) and the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (Android). Getting the Moto G, was like a step up to a powerhouse, even though the Moto G is an entry level style phone offered from Motorola. You can get the Moto G off contract for $179 for an 8GB model, or $199 for a 16 GB model. You can also receive an 8 GB model for around $99 on promotion from Boost Mobile, Aio Wireless, and Verizon Prepaid. However, I would recommend getting the 16 GB model, as there is no expansion slot to put a Micro SD card.

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