Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle: The One to Get If You Buy a PlayStation 3


I’ll start by saying that I am a huge fan of gaming. However, a few years ago, the only gaming rig I had was an old PC that could only run PS2/Xbox caliber games. It sufficed for the time, but in 2009, when Grand Theft Auto IV came out – that’s when I knew I had to invest in new hardware. So my choices at the time were the Xbox 360 Arcade for $199, the Xbox 360 Elite for $299, and finally the PlayStation 3 for $399.

As a college student with a minimum wage job at the time, I had to go for the cheapest rig I can buy at the time – which ended up the Xbox 360 arcade. It was one of the most fun investments I had made. Not only did I love playing GTA on it, but my roommate at the time also introduced me to Halo multiplayer, which I am a fan of till this day!


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PS4 vs Xbox One, Post-E3: What You Should Know


This Monday, Microsoft and Sony both took on the stage the E3 to share more about the next generation consoles they had announced previously. Each of them had a set of new games to show off, more to share about their respective online networks, along with the revealing of the Playstation 4 physical console (Hint: it doesn’t look that different from the Xbox One).

Firstly, it was annoying that Microsoft’s presentation had to be at the same time as WWDC, as I ended up watching the WWDC conference live stream and catching up with this later. In any case, here are some of the highlights of the conference, and my personal take on them:


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