The New Myspace: Justin Timberlake’s Other Comeback that Didn’t Make a Hit

This is a post about my thoughts on the New Myspace, the second half of a two post topic centered around Justin Timberlake’s entrepreneurial attempts this year. To read my impressions on JT’s new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’, click here.

myspace thoughts

Let’s talk a little about his other venture that attempted a comeback this year, Myspace. Myspace was huge when I was in high school about 5 years go, from 2003 all the way until 2008, when it was eclipsed in total user count by Facebook. Since its defeat to Facebook, Myspace has been downsizing a lot of it’s employees going from over a 1000 employees to just a couple of hundred.


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Why I Switched to the iPad mini

Let’s offer some context.

My first tablet was the iPad 2, one that I purchased just after the third generation iPad came out. It was a good one, and I never had any real issues with it. Well, except for one thing – it was a little too big for me. Don’t get me wrong – it is by no means huge. The fact that the power of a personal computer could be mastered and buckled under a 10 inch tablet size is pretty fascinating.


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