Facebook Shows Off Video for Instagram

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Facebook has announced video for Instagram today at it’s Menlo Park headquarters. To summarize the pointers about the half hour press event:

1. Length: It was feature 15 seconds of video.

2. Filters: It will have 13 video-exclusive filters.

3. Editing: It will allow you to remove your last recorded snippet. (No more countless retakes!)

4. Cinema: Built-in stabilization for your shaky videos!

What are your thoughts on the addition?  We love it! Vine has to top this with something more attractive, in our opinion! Maybe an update soon will enhance it’s experience? Sound your thoughts below!


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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

Here are some of the apps I enjoy too much, and you might want to consider getting as well!


$2.99 (iPhone) $3.99 (iPad)

iPhone image on 2013-06-15 at 10-16-04iPhone image on 2013-06-15 at 10-15-58
I use this app on both iPad and iPhone. This app has support for using with Dropbox storage and tons of custom sharing actions that can be found. I’m certain I’m only using a fraction of it capabilities, I use it for notes, quick post to Twitter and App.net, DayOne drafts, and a place to store post to social sites for later.


$4.99 (iPhone) $4.99 (iPad)

iPhone image on 2013-06-15 at 10-18-35

For me Felix is the app when it comes to ADN clients. It does all the things I mentioned here plus is looks amazing in fullscreen mode, It also supports many media sharing services as well as different bookmarking services. Personally I use Droplr for photos, and a combo of Instapaper and Pinboard for “reading it later”. Extra points for not having to buy a “pro” version after the initial purchase. The recent iPad app release is just as amazing if not more.

Special Link: Join App.Net for Free! Click here


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