Thirty Day’s Of Summer: 72 Hours With Android

As part of a new series called Thirty Days Of Summer, I was challenged by my colleague, Roy, to try out the Android platform for 30 Days, as I own a Nexus 5 for development purposes. On Friday at Midnight I began my journey which began by picking up a micro sim card from the T-Mobile store (which was free by the way). I was expecting to pay $10 dollars. So I setup my Nexus device and began getting it all setup and once the setup process was complete I began preparing for the switch. I turned off my iMessage from my iPhone to prevent a bug which prevents messages to go iMessage from iPhone users.

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My first look at the Motorola Moto G

Recently, I obtained a Motorola Moto G phone, and figured I might as well share my thoughts on it with you all. Before I got the Moto G, I was using two phones back and forth. The Nokia Lumia 521 (Windows Phone) and the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (Android). Getting the Moto G, was like a step up to a powerhouse, even though the Moto G is an entry level style phone offered from Motorola. You can get the Moto G off contract for $179 for an 8GB model, or $199 for a 16 GB model. You can also receive an 8 GB model for around $99 on promotion from Boost Mobile, Aio Wireless, and Verizon Prepaid. However, I would recommend getting the 16 GB model, as there is no expansion slot to put a Micro SD card.

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Paying too much for your wireless bill?

Recently I took a hard look at my wireless bill. For two iPhones, that shared 4 GB of data and a basic phone that all had unlimited talk and text, I was paying close to $170 before taxes. This was on the Verizon Wireless network. Did I mention that this was just for 3G data as well, and a 20% discount for working for a big company that had an affiliation with Verizon? In sharp comparison that’s a lot.

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