Burkley Case Review

Anybody who knows me also knows that I’m a huge fan of cases for my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I recently connected with Burkley case and they sent me one of their leather cases for me to review.

First, let’s start with the packaging – which is pretty cool. It’s a very premium packaging for a premium leather case.

The shell of the case is made up of a black plastic-like material, and the main surface of the case features a premium leather panel. I was pretty excited when they sent me the red case with the hard plastic shell. Red is my favorite color and this case is a rustic red. It features stitching around the leather on the back and has cuts for the camera, charging port and mute button while the power and volume buttons are plastic. The buttons feel comfortable when you push down on them.

The texture of the leather feels amazing even after a month of use. I often feel that the Apple-branded leather cases can be sticky, but I don’t get that with the Burkley case.

The price is super reasonable for their leather cases. The York 360 Degree Leather Snap On Case retails for just $29.99.

Burkley also feature a number of other hand crafted leather products including cases for the iPads, Samsung, and Google phones. You can even find leather backpacks and and messenger bags.

Check them out at burkleycase.com.

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